I’m traumatized with this couple, sorry i love it!

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"This country has had many Kings and Queens. In the future, there will be more. But there were none who loved each other as much as the two of you. Do you know how much the Majesty loves you? If you became sick or if you had to go somewhere without him, he wouldn’t be able to do his work and would only care about you. That’s how much he loves you. "

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"Your heart has to feel comfortable for my heart to feel comfortable.”

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One of my favourite scene in 신의

"You dress to impress." “No, Angel. I undress to impress.”

A Little girl, 3 yrs. old picked up by a man driving a gray car, license plate: Quebec 72B 381. Canada. Reblog this. It could save her. The Kidnapping is recent so do it, 3 seconds will not kill you. If it were your child .

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